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GMAT vs. GRE: Question and Answer with Jose

This post was written by Josh Anish.

Q: How are you advising clients now that the GRE and GMAT are both accepted at many business schools?

A: Take the GMAT.

Schools that accept GRE scores are like venture capitalists who say “we prefer entrepreneurs to network their way to us, but we do accept business plans via email.” Sure, they accept them—and if they see one with a credible process for producing cold fusion they might actually fund it.

Likewise, business schools accept GRE scores as a kind of insurance: What if the Steve Jobs of Thailand wants to apply to business school, but has no access to a GMAT test center?   Accepting GRE scores gives schools a shot at international candidates who have trouble finding a GMAT location. Or U.S. candidates who are applying to, say, a PhD in Physics but might apply to B-school on a lark. Of course, B-schools hate candidates who apply on a lark—but, hey, they’ll make an exception if you’ve invented cold fusion.

Q: Do you believe one test is better than the other? If so, which one is better and why?
The GMAT is a better made and more stable exam. The GRE has been a more troubled test, historically–so much so that it’s about to be significantly redesigned.

Furthermore, the GMAT tests skills that specifically correlate to success in business school. The GRE does not.
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