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Job Profiles at Knewton: Trevor Smith, Software Engineer [VIDEO]

Knewton employs several dozen software engineers, all of them writing lines of code that bridge modular algorithms to…uh…okay, you caught me. I don’t really understand what they do. I’m not a coder. But that’s why I rely on guys like Trevor Smith to put into plain English what he and the tech team have been up to recently.

Check out this video of Trevor explaining what it’s like working on the tech side at Knewton.

P.S. Sound like something you’d like to be a part of? Check out our job listings here.


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Job Profiles at Knewton: Jesse St. Charles, Data Scientist [VIDEO]

Here at Knewton we have developers and designers, product managers and marketers, content developers and customer service specialists.

We also have data scientists.

Ever wonder what, exactly, data scientists do — or what their work has to do with sandcastles and Star Trek? Check out this video featuring Knewton’s own Jesse St. Charles for the answers to all these questions, plus a glimpse at why data scientists are such a key component of the Knewton team.


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