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“Now, I Meet Students Where They Are”: Knewton Featured on Getting Smart

Irene Bloom (photo from The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Our friends over at Getting Smart just published a great post about one teacher’s experience using Knewton in the classroom.

Irene Bloom, a Senior Lecturer at Arizona State University, was originally a skeptic of online learning. But she says that the classroom dynamic has changed since introducing Knewton into her developmental math classes:

… Knewton has allowed Bloom to introduce collaborative learning, allowing students to move along at their own pace. “I love looking around the classroom and seeing them working in groups, talking to each other and explaining things to each other,” says Bloom. “I only step in when they are stuck.”

“Most of the time, different groups are working on different things, depending on where they are in the course,” adds Bloom. “This is very new for me. Before this, I worked on the assumption that all students were at the same place. Now, because they progress at different rates, I meet them where they are.”

Bloom has also seen tangible improvements in learning outcomes and student engagement since beginning to use Knewton. Read more about her experience on Getting Smart.

Featured screenshot

New Year, New Reporting Interface for Math Readiness for College™

The holidays are winding down, but for instructors at the helm of Math Readiness this spring, there’s one more gift left to unwrap! Our elves in NYC have been busy in the workshop for the past few months, and today we’re excited to unveil the first pieces of our brand new Reporting interface. Reporting is a suite of tools designed to provide instructors with the information that they need, exactly when they need it. From high-level section overviews down to student responses for individual quiz items, our new Reporting interface presents data in ways that empower instructors to more efficiently identify and address issues that students may be having.

Section Overview

For most instructors, time is in short supply, and analyzing massive amounts of raw data about student performance can be an arduous task. To help instructors quickly draw meaningful conclusions from this data, we’ve developed some tools to provide “at-a-glance” snapshots of section performance. On the Reporting dashboard, instructors will now find several groups of “Students to watch,” as well as an interactive visualization of aggregate section progress.

Drill Down

Granular information about a specific student’s performance is available by simply clicking on his/her name anywhere it appears within Reporting. For each student, we provide a wide range of data, from a high level performance overview all the way down to a history of all test attempts, including questions and responses for each attempt. To further help instructors identify what, if anything, a specific student is struggling with, the overview page for each student now includes a selection of lessons that we believe are worth reviewing.


Instructors who are familiar with the Math Readiness course will recognize the study groups feature, which generates groups of students according to what they’ve most recently worked on. While the presentation of these groups is much the same as it was in previous versions of reporting, the algorithm that drives it is new and improved. We owe a huge thank you to the instructors who provided excellent feedback on this last semester!

At Knewton, we believe that instructors know their students best. With the help of these new Reporting tools, instructors will be able to more efficiently and effectively determine where their help is most needed. Here’s to another great semester this spring – we look forward to hearing your feedback on these new developments!

Click here to learn more about Math Readiness for College™, powered by the Knewton Adaptive Learning Platform™.