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MBA Life on Youtube: Advice for First-Year MBA Students

Headed to business school next year? Or just trying to gauge what the experience will be like?

Check out this video from Boston University’s School of Management, which features 2nd year MBA students giving advice to the school’s incoming class. Topics range from networking to applying your pre-MBA work skills to dealing with time management issues.

Perhaps the most helpful advice? “Sleep more, eat, and bathe on a regular basis.”

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MBA Life on Youtube: Rethinking the MBA at HBS

If you’re considering business school, it’s likely you’re no stranger to the ongoing debate about the value of an MBA. In this video, Harvard Business School professor David Garvin discusses the way in which business schools are shifting in response to ongoing critiques — specifically, by emphasizing applied experience in addition to knowledge.

While this video is from last year, it provides a useful primer to the issues being discussed by people like Josh Kaufman (of “The Personal MBA” fame). Recently, HBS announced 5 new priorities for the school, including one initiative that seems directly tied to the issues discussed in the video. In the new FIELD (Field Immersion Experiences for Leadership Development) program, required for first-year students, students will be encouraged to apply their core academic knowledge to a real-world problem.

What are your thoughts about the worth of an MBA today? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check out the full series of MBA Life on Youtube posts for more.

MBA Life on Youtube: A Day in the Life of a B-School Student

Wondering what the daily routine of a typical b-school student looks like? NYU Stern has put together a series of “day in the life” Youtube videos, featuring four MBA students involved in diverse areas.

While these videos are specific to Stern, they should also give you a glimpse into MBA life in general. In this video, you’ll follow Lyle, an MBA/MPA dual degree student specializing in Finance and Social Innovation & Impact, as he undergoes a common b-school experience: a mock interview with the career counseling center.

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MBA Life on Youtube: Research Round-up from London Business School

Wondering what 2011 holds for the world of business? Look no further: This installment of our MBA Life on Youtube series features four faculty members from the London Business School sharing their predictions for how business research will be implemented and continue to develop throughout 2011.

Check out the video to hear the professors’ (very informed!) guesses of the improvements and setbacks in store for the coming year. For example, Nader Tavassoli, Chair of the Marketing Faculty at LBS, predicts that in the face of the recent economic crisis, the greatest challenge for marketers will be re-engaging customers, while the greatest challenge for HR will be to re-engage people.

In general, according to Professor Michael Jacobides, 2011 will be a year of great flux, as business and government sectors together redefine the way we capture value across a variety of sectors.

Check out the video and stay tuned for future posts in the MBA Life on Youtube series!

MBA Life on Youtube: Critical Thinking at Olin Business School

In this installment of our MBA Life on Youtube series, Washington University in St. Louis’ Olin Business School professor Jim Little discusses the school’s belief in the importance of having a research-active faculty.

Professor Little talks about the important feedback loop that emerges from faculty research: faculty take issues that come up in the classroom, use them in their research, and then reintroduce those issues to other students from a newly enlightened perspective. In the end, in Olin’s view, the focus on research keeps class discussions timely — and emphasizes critical thinking skills.

Check out the video for more, and be sure to stay tuned for future MBA Life on Youtube posts!

MBA Life on Youtube: The Advantages of an MD/MBA

This week, as part of our MBA Life on Youtube series, we thought we’d post a video on a super-intense joint degree program offered at some schools: the MD/MBA. And you thought business school was hard!

This video from Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business features a student in Tuck’s MD/MBA program. Jessica Morgan ’10 discusses how an MBA can allow medical students to gain expertise in healthcare administration, and think beyond treating one patient to impact a wider range of patients on a larger scale.

If you’re interested in an MD/MBA program — or just interested in learning a bit more about Tuck’s MBA program — be sure to check this video out, and stay tuned for future MBA Life on Youtube posts!

MBA Life on Youtube: Entrepreneurship at Ross Business School

Recently, b-schools have begun to post a ton of great resources online to help aspiring MBA students learn about their offerings.

If you’re interested in learning more about entrepreneurship in business school, for example, check out this video from Michigan Ross, about the process three of their students went through to start a successful business while still in school.

The company, Husk Insulation, aims to transform agricultural waste in high-grade, affordable insulation for the refrigeration industry. The students went on to win the MIT Clean Energy Prize, a national student competition founded by MIT, the U.S. Department of Energy and utility NSTAR.

The video discusses some common struggles faced by entrepreneurs, as well as the many lessons the founders of Husk have learned along the way.

Stay tuned for more MBA Life on Youtube posts!

MBA Life on Youtube: NYU Stern Students Do Business in Italy

Warning: the latest video in our MBA Life on Youtube series might make you a little (okay, a lot) jealous.

The video, from NYU Stern, showcases a trip a group of MBA students took to learn first-hand about the luxury marketing industry — in Italy (check out our recent post about post-MBA luxury marketing careers to learn more about the field).

The lucky NYU students met with leaders of the industry, visited SDA Bacconi (the only full-time MBA program in luxury business management), and discussed how the industry has been affected by the recession and the increased dominance of Asian markets. From the video, it looks like they got some quality Italian food and sight-seeing in, too.

This video is proof of some of the amazing extracurricular learning opportunities available to MBA students at schools across the country. Check it out, and be sure to stay tuned for future MBA Life on Youtube posts!

MBA Life on Youtube: Stanford GSB Professor on Understanding Power

Welcome to another installment of our MBA Life on Youtube series, in which we feature some of the videos b-schools post online to help aspiring MBAs learn about the world of business and their school’s offerings.

This video, entitled “Power: Why Some People Have it and Others Don’t,” comes from Jeffrey Pfeffer, a Professor at Stanford GSB. Not only is the topic interesting, but for those thinking about applying to Stanford, the video provides a nice example of a GSB lecture.

Plus, for those of you in the throes of GMAT-studying, Professor Pfeffer’s lecture might provide some much-needed motivation for why (and how) to keep forging ahead.

Check it out, and stay tuned for more MBA Life on Youtube videos!

HBS Class

MBA Life on Youtube: Inside the HBS Case Method

As Andy wrote about a while back, business schools post a lot of amazing resources online for aspiring MBAs to learn about their offerings. Harvard Business School has some great videos on its Youtube channel that walk students through the HBS approach to an MBA education.

This video, “Inside the HBS Case Method,” explains one of the central tenets of the Harvard b-school curriculum: structuring classes around actual case studies from the business world.

The goal is to get students in the habit of making the kinds of real-world business decisions they’ll have to make when they graduate. It’s also a great way of engaging students, since preparation is the only way to dive into a given case. As She-Rae Chen, a first-year student puts it, “It’s crucial. If you aren’t prepared for the class you can’t engage as much; you can’t have a kind of friendly dynamic discussion with all your classmates.”

Check it out to learn more about how the process works: from the teaching groups, which professors prepare for as much as students, to the extensive prep that students do outside of class.