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MBA News Roundup – Chicago Booth Admissions, Interview Prep, and… Horseplay?

This week’s MBA news roundup has articles that provide advice to applicants who are eagerly awaiting admissions decisions as well as those who are still thinking about applying in the upcoming year.  Enjoy!

1. What do business schools want?

If you’re trying to figure out whether b-school is right for you, check out this Washington Post article for an interesting perspective.

2. Chat transcript: Chicago Booth admissions

If your heart is set on University of Chicago for an MBA degree, be sure to read this interview for Businessweek with the school’s senior director of admissions.

3. Preparing for your M.B.A. interview

If you’re lucky enough to land an interview at a school of your choice, Stacy Blackman provides some tips in this U.S. News article on how to sail through this part of the selection process.

4. Horseplay: B-school takes students to the barn

How can a horse help with your b-school school learning experience?  Grenoble Graduate School of Business in France has their consulting students work with horses to develop their leadership skills (the students’ skills, not the horses’).  Find out more about this in this Businessweek article.

5. Why I chose to do my MBA in Europe

If you’re contemplating an MBA in Europe, read this Globe and Mail article on one student’s decision to study at INSEAD.

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EdTech News Roundup – The Pros and Cons of Technology in the Classroom

With media attention on educational technology thanks to generous grants from big-name companies and individuals, more people are assessing the advantages and disadvantages of technology in the classroom.  These articles provide a glimpse into various studies and opinions on developments in ed-tech today.

1. S.T.A.M.P.E.R. not S.T.E.M. for Public Education Reform

A professor from the University of San Francisco poses an alternative to the trendy S.T.E.M. acronym that w0uld emphasize other important aspects of a  education.  Learn more about his take in this Seattle Post-Intelligencer article.

2. Gates Boosting Ed-Tech with $20 Million in Grants

Bill Gates is investing a lot of money in educational technology developers with the hope that these efforts will increase the number of students who complete college.  Read more in this School Library Journal article.

3. Schools Starting to Allow Use of Digital Devices

Cell phones in a classroom?  Although some schools ban the use of cell phones during class, teachers in an Arizona school district are using them to enhance lessons.

4. Properly Implemented Technology Improves Learning and Saves Money for Beleaguered Schools

A study shows that using technology in the classroom can reduce the number of high school dropouts and save the school district money.

5. Technology in Schools: Weighing the Pros and Cons

This Huffington Post article discusses the whether technology can hinder or enhance classroom learning.

MBA News Roundup from Knewton GMAT

Starting this week, we’re launching a series featuring recent news about MBA preparation, business school, the GMAT, and developing your business brain.  Be sure to check out Knewton’s weekly updates to stay in the know about all things business.

1. History of the Internet

Getting online GMAT prep and an online MBA was unheard of half a decade ago, but thanks to the Internet, it’s possible today.  This infographic from OnlineMBA shows the growth of the “Intergalatic Network” to all of its current glory.

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