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GMAT Prep Tip: Vocabulary In Context

Meghan Daniels is the Associate Editor at Knewton, where she helps students with their GMAT preparation.

The GMAT doesn’t have a vocabulary section, so you don’t have to worry at all about vocab strategies before the test. Right?

Wrong. No, you don’t have to drag your flashcards along with you to parties and the mall–but just because the GMAT doesn’t have particular questions that test your vocabulary skills does not mean that you should completely ignore vocabulary in the course of your GMAT prep. Learning strategies to help you understand vocab on Reading Comprehension passages will help you improve your overall understanding of the passage–which will help improve your score.

In particular, using context to figure out what vocabulary words mean is a great RC strategy. The passages on this section often contain difficult vocabulary, or vocab used in an unusual way. By using context–the set of statements surrounding a word or statement in question–you can find clues to the meaning of difficult or technical words.

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