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GMAT prep can be costly—but it’s important to remember that, like business school itself, GMAT prep is an investment in your future. If all goes according to plan, your business school experience (not to mention your earning power post MBA!) will more than make up for it.

If you’re looking for resources to supplement your prep without breaking the bank, there are many free GMAT prep downloads available on the Internet. Keep in mind, however, that some of these resources will be more helpful than others. Carefully evaluate each new free GMAT prep download you come across before using it. Some GMAT prep downloads will contain questions that you’ll probably never see on the actual GMAT; others might contain strategies or content of questionable quality. Don’t waste your time studying with sub-prep materials!

Knewton Free GMAT Prep Download

While we can’t vouch for the accuracy of every single GMAT prep download offering out there, we can certainly get behind our own. Check out our free download. It’s a really useful GMAT prep download, packed with helpful free GMAT strategies, approaches, and formulas straight from the Knewton GMAT course—and it’ll cost you nothing!

If you find it, and are looking for a more comprehensive prep experience, consider enrolling in Knewton’s full GMAT prep course. The course is flexible, interactive, and customizable–and if you don’t raise your score by at least 50 points, it’s also free! That’s what we like to call a risk-free investment.

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