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Free GMAT Practice FAQs
What are the best free GMAT resources?
You can find a wealth of free GMAT material here at Beat The GMAT has a great collections of free GMAT resources and GMAT prep reviews. You can also find tons of free GMAT help at
Does Knewton offer free GMAT practice questions?
Yes, jump start your GMAT preparation with our free GMAT prep sample questions.
Can I prep with ONLY free GMAT practice?
Many people choose to rely only on free GMAT practice material. There are many benefits to choosing the right paid GMAT option as well. Having a guaranteed point increase is definitely something to consider. Remember, the cost of a GMAT prep course pails in comparison to the cost of Business School.
Where can I find a free GMAT practice test?
You’re in luck because we have a free GMAT diagnostic test right here. Our CATs were created by designers of the original test algorithm and computer-based testing system, so you can rest assured that you are receiving an accurate representation of the real GMAT test.
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