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Choosing the Right GMAT Test Date for You

Unlike other standardized tests, there are no specific GMAT test dates—you can take the test any time you like. This gives you plenty of flexibility, but it also means that you’re responsible for giving yourself enough time to adequately prepare, take the test and meet the deadlines for your top-choice business schools.

When considering possible GMAT test dates in 2012, try to allow at least 2–3 months for prep. Students have successfully prepared in less time, but giving yourself a bit of a cushion will help minimize stress.

Knewton’s GMAT course consists of 13 on-demand sessions, homework, and 6 full-length practice tests that you can complete as quickly as you’d like. The Premium Live addition provides students with an additional 24 hours/week of optional live classes and unlimited access for a full year. Picking GMAT test dates within a 2–3 month time frame will enable you to get through the course and still have a few weeks left to review. Be careful, though—you also don’t want to give yourself too much time to prepare. This can sometimes lead to burnout or a lack of focus.

You have plenty of options of where to take the test, too: GMAT test dates are available year-round at more than 500 locations.You can view an updated list on to find the location closest to you.

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