GMAT Sample Questions

The GMAT tests a lot of skills – from quantitative analysis to passage reading to correcting grammar flaws. So how do you prep for the questions you’ll see on exam day? Practice, practice, practice.

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The below collection of GMAT sample questions and detailed answers is also a great place to start your preparation. Here are seven areas of the GMAT you can try first:

  • Data Sufficiency — Test your ability to analyze quantitative problems and recognize relevant information.
  • Problem Solving — Assess your understanding of mathematical concepts and your ability to reason quantitatively.
  • Critical Reasoning — Challenge yourself with questions about argument structures, effective uses of evidence, and possible plans of action.
  • Sentence Correction — Evaluate the grammar, logic, and stylistic construction of sentences; SC tests your ability to recognize correct and effective expressions.
  • Reading Comprehension — Work on identifying main ideas, describing attitudes and points of view, and making inferences based on a short passage.
  • Analysis of an Argument Essay — Check out this essay that scored 4, along with an explanation and tips for increasing it to 6.
  • Analysis of an Issue Essay — Check out this example of an essay that scored 5. We break it down and give you pointers to raise it to a 6.
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