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GMAT Analysis of an Argument Essay Example


The producers of the forthcoming movie 3003 will be most likely to maximize their profits if they are willing to pay Robin Good several million dollars to star in it even though that amount is far more than any other person involved with the movie will make. After all, Robin has in the past been paid a similar amount to work in several films that were very financially successful.

Essay Response

I find this argument to be very well reasoned. This is mainly because when a well-known, talented actor is attributed with a movie, that actor brings along a fan base. The fan base creates a vast audience that would go see the movie solely because the actor who, in this case Robin Good, is in the movie. From that point alone, the movie will make a considerable amount of money. I think that the main way to draw initial attention to a movie is by having a popular actor associated with it, especially an actor who has been associated with successful movies in the past. If an actor is consistently successful and stars in good movies, people would assume that all future projects that the actor is a part of will be good as well.

Another reason that this is a strong argument is because the producers studied the financial history of movies that Robin Good has starred in. The producers noticed that other production companies have paid Good similar amounts to star in their productions, and those movies were very successful. By analyzing the success of the other movies Good has been in, they believe that by having him in their production, they too will share the same success that the other producers had. When it comes to the matter of paying him an excessive amount of money to be in the movie it goes along with the saying, “It takes money to make money.” This is the theory that the producers are applying to this movie. They believe that by paying Good more money to be in the movie, he will be able to draw in more viewers and thereby make the movie successful.

Although the producers have good reasoning behind their argument, there are a few minor problems within their argument. The main problem I would say is that the producers seem to have forgotten is that first and foremost they have to make a good movie that contains a good story line, interesting characters, and a strong point to the movie. The producers can put as many stars into the movie as they want, but if the audience does not feel like the movie is going to be interesting than they will not waste their time going to see the film. Another problem is that the producers seem to be resting on the fact that they have Robin Good in the movie and that by his presence alone the movie will be a success. Overall it appears that they show more concern about having him in the movie, rather than focusing on the movie itself.

In conclusion, I am in agreement with the producers. I believe that since they have a recognizable star, the movie will immediately get wide-spread attention. I also think that the producers made a wise decision in paying the extra money in order to get Robin Good in the movie. By having him there is a definite assurance of the movie making some amount of money. This topic leaves a few questions open. Are the extra measures that the producers taking to have Robin Good in the movie worth the price? Will the movie 3003 share the same success as the other movies that Robin Good has been in? The world will have to wait and see.

Essay Score: 4

This essay is a solid example of an instance in which the author does not take a strong enough stance on one side of the argument. The writer seems to favor investing in Mr. Good, but too much deference is given to the other side of the issue, and too many questions are raised in the conclusion. We should be answering questions, not posing rhetorical ones.

Paragraph-wise this essay is decently organized. The author produced an introduction with a clear thesis, in which body paragraphs are laid out. The essay is the ideal length, slightly more than 500 words long. Again, the only problem is that too much time is spent supporting the other side of the argument, subverting the essay’s organizational flow.

The language here is similarly decent. The author is clearly able to articulate positions, but sometimes the language falls a bit flat, i.e. “a good movie that contains a good story line.” Furthermore, the author uses too many first-person pronouns. “The movie will immediately get widespread attention” is a much stronger statement than is “I believe the movie will immediately get widespread attention.”

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