GMAT Test Dates Austin

The GMAT is available year-round (nearly every day of the week and at several times during the day on most days), which offers Austin test-takers great flexibility in scheduling. Do note, however, that available time slots change continuously based on capacity and ongoing GMAT registration. Desirable slots fill up quickly, so make sure to register for the exam early (a month or more ahead of time) if you are dead-set on taking it on a specific day of the week at a certain time.

Find Out When You Register for the GMAT in Austin, TX

You will find out which times are available at your chosen Austin GMAT test center when you register for the GMAT on If your desired slot is not available at a given center, you can always try another one close by. To avoid added stress on test day, you may want to schedule your testing around the holiday season and major sports events. It may sound basic, but make sure you know how to get to your test center and that you are prepared to navigate the area. You don’t need any added stress on test day! With all the festivals and live music events in Austin year-round, you should also be cognizant of allowing enough time for unexpected traffic.

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Guide to Taking the GMAT in Austin, TX

If you’re feeling weary from studying for the GMAT, visit schools such as the University of Texas at Austin (McCombs School of Business) and the Southern Methodist University (Cox School of Business) to get re-inspired about the value of an MBA. Schedule a visit, including lunch and class attendance to show your commitment to the application process and get a better feel for the school. After gaining a first-hand sense of the collaborative, supportive culture at these two fine institutions, you shouldn’t have any trouble cracking those Sentence Correction questions. Remember that all the equations and grammar rules you’re studying will pay off on test day when you’re that much closer to achieving your goal.

To relax, visit The Enchanted Forest, a multi-acre outdoor performing arts center featuring circus-like acts such as fire-dancing. To help get you in the mindset to read dense passages about the humanities on the GMAT Verbal section, check out the Austin Museum of Art. For extra mental stimulation, visit the O. Henry House with your GMAT study group; evenings sometimes feature contests of verbal wit that are sure to keep you on your toes. Later, if you’re in the mood for some classy entertainment, an evening out at Lady Bird Lake, with its live music venues, is a great way to cap off a day of mental athletics.

Looking for a place to hang out while you study, review your Knewton GMAT on-demand classes, or attend Office Hours? Somewhere that’s not your apartment but is just as cozy and laptop-friendly? Try the following cafes (most of which offer free wi-fi as well!): Epoch Coffee House, Bouldin Creek Café, Café Caffeine, and Mozart’s Coffee Roasters. Armed with a perfect iced cappucino, you might just see that breakthrough you’re looking for in your next CAT score. Remember: you don’t have to let your life pass you by just because you’re studying for the GMAT! Knewton’s adaptive learning course offers unparalleled flexibility, so you can get the most aggressive and efficient score increase while maintaining your lifestyle and other commitments. When you’re taking the GMAT in a city as rich and exciting as Austin, there’s no reason to be stuck in a classroom.