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Popular MBA Interview Questions

Preparing for an MBA interview can be nerve-wracking. While it’s impossible to predict your interviewer’s precise line of inquiry, there are some questions that are almost always asked. Knewton’s MBA admissions experts have compiled a list of the most frequently asked b-school interview questions–along with some important things to consider when formulating your responses.

Why business school?
You will almost inevitably be asked this question during your MBA interview. You should prepare a thorough, specific response and be prepared to tackle follow-up questions. The response to this question will be different for every applicant. Try to be specific and honest about your goals and motivations. Take a look at the statements below as possible starting points for your answer.

  • I have reached the extent to which I can progress in my field without an MBA degree.

  • I plan to switch careers and need the MBA degree as a launching pad.

  • I want to obtain a degree that signifies I have demonstrated mastery in areas such as economics, accounting, finance, and statistics.

  • I want to obtain a degree that signifies I have demonstrated mastery in areas such as economics, accounting, finance, and statistics.

  • I want to become part of an business network or MBA community.

  • I want to expose myself to international issues and understand business problems on a global level.

  • I want to help tackle a certain social or environmental problem and need to gain management training in order to do so.

  • I want to seek more leverage in achieving a work/life balance.

  • I want to demonstrate knowledge of business history and trends.

  • I want to seek a personal breakthrough which the MBA experience will afford me.

Again, do not expect that your interviewer will accept your responses blindly or without question. Some interviewers will nod or jot down notes as you speak; others will not respond with recognition or encouragement.


MBA Programs by Average GMAT Scores

Finding the average GMAT score for the MBA program you want to go to is a great way to set your GMAT score goal. Find the average gmat scores for the following business schools. We’ve also collected the median gmat score and middle 80% range. Also read about the other factors that are considered in each school’s admissions process.