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The Official Guide for GMAT Review is published by The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the makers of the GMAT. Though you don’t need to purchase the book to take the test, it’s a pretty smart investment.

3 Reasons to Get the Official Guide for GMAT Review (a.k.a The OG)

1. Learn GMAT basics

The opening section of the GMAT Official Guide contains helpful insight about the test, ranging from a breakdown of the test sections to an explanation of how the GMAT is used by business schools. The GMAT Official Guide will give you a basic understanding of the exam, how it works and why it’s necessary.

2. Access old GMAT questions

The GMAT Official Guide is the only place where you can get official GMAT questions from past exams. There are more than 800 questions in the GMAT Official Guide, from every section of the test.

3. Take a diagnostic GMAT test

The GMAT Official Guide contains one diagnostic test. According to GMAC, taking this test is a good—though not perfect—indicator of how you might perform on the real thing.

While the GMAT Official Guide is a useful resource, it’s no replacement for a full-fledged GMAT course. Enroll in Knewton’s GMAT test prep course to learn insider GMAT strategies, then test your skills on the questions in the GMAT Official Guide.

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