GMAT Score

5 MBA Programs

Before you begin the GMAT on test day, you will be given the option to designate up to 5 MBA programs to which to send your scores for free. You will not be able to see your GMAT scores before you choose whether or not to cancel them and have them sent to the designated schools.

Official Score Report

Approximately 20 days after your test date, your Official Score Report (including the photograph you provided at the test center and copies of your essays) are sent to the programs you specified. Once the scores are made available, any school you designate can access your scores at any time. Additional score reports ordered after test day cost $28 for each school. It is therefore financially advantageous for you to determine which schools you plan to apply to ahead of time and to send those schools your scores for free.

Top Choice Schools

Should you send your scores to your top choice programs even if you are not sure how you will perform on the GMAT? In most cases, the answer is yes. Many students use the free score report option to the fullest extent that they can. When making your decision, think realistically about your GMAT score range, based on your performance on practice tests. A student’s range might be 550 to 650 or 600 to 700, for example. Assume that the worst case scenario has occurred, and you have received the lowest score in your range. Would you still feel comfortable sending that score to the schools on your list? If yes, then go ahead and use the free score report option. If not, then adjust the list accordingly. Many students who want to use the free score reports but do not want to send less-than-desirable score reports to their reach institutions, will send scores to safety schools or schools they are not sure they want to attend.