The days of preparing for the GMAT with your nose in a book are history. For those of you who can’t pull yourself away from the stacks, stick with biographies, fiction or the classics—test prep books are quickly becoming obsolete. Technology has made test prep faster, more effective, and frankly, more fun.

GMAT test prep meets technology

GMAT prep software and online technology can give students a more personalized—and more effective—GMAT prep experience. Back in the day, students of all ability levels relied on the same one-size-fits-all textbook to guide their preparation. Now, individual students can interact dynamically with computer-based applications that respond to them in an unique way.

GMAT prep software and other Internet-based learning applications allow students to get precisely the help they need, precisely when they need it.

You’re unique. Now your GMAT prep is too.

People are different—and so are their learning styles.

GMAT prep software and online coursework can customize your preparation for this very important exam to best fit your individual needs. Confused about eliminating answers on data sufficiency questions, or identifying the assumption in Critical Reasoning question stems? Study efficiently and effectively by targeting your individual strengths and weaknesses. Knewton’s web-based GMAT prep software will identify your trouble zones—and then serve up targeted quizzes and lessons to boost your score in no time.

Don’t waste time studying concepts you already understand. With the GMAT prep software in Knewton’s GMAT course, you’ll get a personalized prep experience—not to mention the score gains you need to get into the b-school of your dreams.