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GMAT Test Centers — An Inside Look

Essential Information about GMAT Test Centers.

Make an Appointment

There are more than 500 GMAT test centers throughout the country. To locate the GMAT test centers near you, visit Once you’ve selected a convenient location, you’ll need to make an appointment. This can be done by phone, mail or fax.

Mobile GMAT Test Centers

If none of the GMAT test centers listed on the GMAT homepage are near you, your best bet may be the GMAT Mobile Test Center. It’s a customized bus with six computerized test stations that tours 28 U.S. cities throughout the year.

What to bring (and not bring) to GMAT Test Centers

You’re going to need a few essentials on test day. These include a valid I.D., your appointment confirmation letter and the names of any programs to which you plan on submitting your scores.

The environment at GMAT test centers is a strict one. Personal items like bags, purses, and cell phones are not allowed in the test room. Usually, there is a secure area where you can store these items during test administration. Additionally, you won’t be able to bring calculators, notes, books, writing instruments, laptops or PDAs of any kind. Leave all of that stuff home to avoid any distractions on test day.

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A Guide to the GMAT Test Center

Watch this helpful video about what to expect on test day at your local GMAT test center:

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