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Scott – GMAT

Shireen – GMAT

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A win-win all the way around
“The instructors are awesome and do a great job, and the cost of the course is very affordable. I have bragged about the class to everyone I know.”
- Dana G., Hawthorne, FL
Great instructors and flexibility for all schedules
“I love Knewton because I learned from instructors who were personable, very knowledgeable and most importantly – super fun … Knewton is an excellent course for anyone with little time and hopes of scoring big on the GMAT!”
- Sharjeel N., Los Angeles, CA
Wonderful online experience
“Thank you Knewton for the wonderful teaching tools and for the wonderful instructors. I was little worried that I might not understand the live instruction since English is my second language but the instructors are very much efficient and the course is a very helpful tool.”
- Saba K., Dubai, UAE
Amazing instructors
“The instructors are professional and full of knowledge. Their intelligence along with their humor and wit provide a positive and fulfilling experience.”
- William C., Charlotte, NC
Addictive learning
“Knewton is simply addictive. There is so much material to learn you will never run out of new, helpful information.”
- Raul S., Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Student support that goes above and beyond
“Knewton not only seemed to talk the talk, they really walked it! Your customer service and overall concern to better your services is very evident, which I believe is a good thing.”
- Joe V., Lapeer, MI
Smart and fun teachers
“The teachers were so insightful and humorous. Even after a tough day at work, I could still sit in front of my computer and watch the class for 3 hours straight without falling asleep. After taking Knewton, the GMAT seemed like a piece of cake! I improved my GMAT score from 710 to 770.”
- Stefanie W., China
Best value for GMAT prep
“Over the course of six weeks, my Knewton instructors helped me improve my GMAT score from a 600 to a 710! The classes were fun and engaging and the time saving techniques they taught me were very helpful. They also happen to have, far and away, the best value.”
- Michael G., New York, NY
130 point increase
“Using Knewton, I was able to increase my score over 130 points from my very first practice CAT … Knewton is not only a great resource for the GMAT and business school in general, but they’re great people as well.”
- Austin L.

“I was attracted to Knewton because of the low price, scheduling flexibility, and 50 point score improvement guarantee. The program was a great value to me as it increased my score from the diagnostic 100 points, well above their 50 point improvement guarantee, and the online practice questions, tests, and quizzes are set up the exact way the actual GMAT was – right down to the question structure. In my mind, there is no better GMAT preparation program.”
– Verified Review – www.beatthegmat.com