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What GMAT score do I need to get into Columbia B-School?

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Average Columbia B-School GMAT Score

While there is no GMAT cut-off for Columbia Business School, you should be familiar with the general range of GMAT scores at the school:

Middle 80% GMAT score range:

  • 680 to 760

If you want to be competitive at Columbia, you should try to score 710 or higher and no lower than 680, though it is possible to gain acceptance with a lower and even much lower score. While no GMAT score will technically exclude you from consideration for admission, a low GMAT score could raise a red flag.

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Ultimately, the entire package matters (GMAT, work experience, application essays, interviews, recommendations, and undergraduate GPA). Since you are applying for business school, work experience is extremely important. Upon enrollment, the average amount of work experience for each student is nearly 5 years, which is fairly substantial.

You should also consider the brand of the school. The student body at Columbia is diverse, cosmopolitan, and international. The curriculum of the program also allows for “deep dives” into specific business areas. Quantitative ability is generally considered a major factor in admissions.

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