For any implementation to be successful, someone must lead the charge. We refer to leaders who are invested and believe in the mission as “first movers.” These leaders not only work to define success and implement the new model, they serve as knowledge sources for other faculty/personnel on campus.

Many faculty members (and humans!) dislike change. It’s too easy to fall into a negative trap if no one in the department commits to being the force who drives the change in a positive way. Remember, this is about student success. Being the first mover who helps students on this mission will inspire others to follow your lead. Anticipate push-back, and give yourself plenty of time to address it.

Faculty Tip

Maybe you’re a believer in the positive impact of a co-requisite model. Use your positive encounters with students to help drive the change on your campus.

Sharon North of St. Louis Community College found herself in exactly this position.

“It’s been very rewarding teaching co-requisites to stats and quantitative reasoning. The students surprised me in how well they did. I wish we could have implemented even earlier because my students’ were able to succeed in the college level courses with the co-requisite support.”

Every meaningful co-requisite implementation requires a champion. And being a champion means listening to the concerns of those who aren’t as excited about the initiative as you are — and working collaboratively to find solutions.


Step 3. Plan

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