The implementation stage is when it all comes together. The scheduling is complete, staffing is set and students are signing up for courses with the help of informed advisors.

Communication throughout the semester is vital to success. If there are instructors who share students within the model, communicating about the progress of the student can benefit the student in both classes and increase the student’s overall chance of success. Additionally, instructors teaching within the model should communicate throughout the semester about what is, and what is not, working in the classroom.

Remind students: This is a positive change! These students are earning college credit at the same time they are fulfilling a prerequisite, saving them time and money down the road. Creating a positive narrative for students by making clear to these students how the change benefits them will encourage them to spread the word, creating a positive vibe around the co-requisite model across campus.

If you are using a tool like alta, be sure to take advantage of the analytics offered within the platform. Monitor student progress to see if/when changes should be made within the model. Take note of where students are needing the most help. Alta’s integrated communication tools make it easy to identify and reach out to struggling students and high performing students alike!



Alta’s built-in features make implementation easy. Learning management systems integration, help from your Solutions Architect, and analytics dashboard will remove some of the practical headaches associated with implementation and success. Ask your Knewton representative, or email us at



There’s no such thing as a perfect implementation. The key is monitoring your progress and acknowledging your opportunities to improve.

Nearly every co-requisite implementation refines its approach after witnessing the model’s early results. Ivy Tech Community College completely redesigned the support course after the first year of implementation. Since then, student success has continued to soar!

Data and progress go hand-in-hand. Thoughtfully analyzing your model’s results can lead to changes that lead to even greater success in the future.


Step 10. Improve

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