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Knewton partners with Arizona State University to Keep Students on Track to Graduation

Posted in Student Resources on January 6, 2011 by

Knewton ASUThis morning, we’re excited to announce a partnership that brings Knewton’s Adaptive Learning Platform™ to the college campus.

Starting in spring 2011, Arizona State University Online will use the Knewton platform to tackle a growing challenge for schools across the country: making sure students have the core skills they need to stay on track to graduation.

Our adaptive platform currently powers our test prep courses, and starting this year ASU Online will use it to customize learning in two of its core classes: College Algebra and College Math. With the platform’s concept-level reporting and adaptive practice tools, ASU can personalize its course content so it meets the needs of every learner.

This partnership also marks the debut of a new program we’re really excited about: Knewton Math Readiness for College. It’s an interactive video course that creates a unique learning path for everyone who uses it. For students who require additional help when arriving at ASU, Knewton Readiness will provide the exact instruction they need to move on to their core classes.

You can learn more about the ways Knewton is partnering with ASU, and other schools and universities at