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Video: Identifying Comparison Errors on the GMAT

Posted in Test Prep on January 27, 2011 by

We recently a released a new and improved on-demand video player in our GMAT course, and to spread the word we’re releasing the first Sentence Correction lesson in nine handy installments. If you’re looking improve your score in SC, be sure to watch all the videos for expert advice on this tricky section.

The sixth installment of the video, shown above, is all about spotting and understanding comparison errors. Comparison errors occur when:

  • The items being compared are not parallel (i.e. are not in the same part of speech).
  • The items are parallel but are not being logically compared.
  • The comparison is improperly formed.

Watch the video for more details; expert instructors Jen Rugani and Dave Ingber will teach you how to spot comparison errors on the GMAT Sentence Correction section every time.

Stay tuned for the next installment of SC Lesson 1!