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Video: Intro to Pronouns on the GMAT

Posted in Test Prep on February 3, 2011 by


We recently a released a new and improved on-demand video player in our GMAT course, and to spread the word we’re releasing the first Sentence Correction lesson in nine handy installments. If you’re looking improve your score in SC, be sure to watch all the videos for expert advice on this tricky section.

The eighth installment of the lesson, shown above, is all about pronoun errors on GMAT SC. As expert instructors Jen Rugani and Dave Ingber explain, once you understand pronoun errors, they’re pretty easy to spot.

You just need to be sure that every underlined pronoun on the GMAT SC section a) has a clear and logical antecedent and b) agrees with its antecedent in number. Watch out for pronoun/antecedent agreement when the sentence contains an unusual antecedent (ex. a collective noun, noun clause, or indefinite pronoun).

Watch the video to learn more, and be sure to stay tuned for the final SC lesson installment!