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MBA News Roundup – Chinese and Indian MBA students, ESADE, and a new MBA

Posted in Test Prep on January 31, 2011 by

Welcome to another edition of Knewton’s MBA News Roundup. Whether you’re in business school, just submitted your applications, or are still deciding whether b-school is right for you, this week’s articles provide important perspectives on various aspects of MBA programs — and hints of the ways in which the degree is beginning to change.

1. GMAT: Indians Good at Math, Chinese Better

Indian and Chinese GMAT takers generally score extremely well on the quant section of the test, but how do they compare with each other?  This article from The Times of India takes a look.

2. Admissions Q&A: ESADE

Considering ESADE Business School in Barcelona?  Read this Businessweek Q&A with the school’s director of admissions to find out what the admissions committee is looking for in students.

3. Minority B-School Faculty Growing – Slowly

This Businessweek article discusses how diversity among business school faculty isn’t as high as it should be.  Would you agree?

4. Major Changes Afoot at Top Business Schools

How do these proposed changes at business schools affect the admissions process for you?  Stacy Blackman’s post in this U.S. News series provides insight into what you should focus on when it comes to your application.

5. Twenty Top Ideas for a Better MBA

Earlier in January, GMAC ran a contest that asked for suggestions on how students would improve an MBA education.  Businessweek compiled the winning ideas in a convenient slideshow. Would you agree with any of these ideas?

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