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MBA News Roundup: International MBA Programs, Online MBA Programs, and Global Innovation Contest

Posted in Test Prep on February 7, 2011 by

Welcome to another installment of Knewton’s MBA roundup! This week, check out articles about international and online MBA programs, MBA rankings, and a brand new “global innovation” contest that will be of interest to b-school hopefuls and current students alike.

1. As World Turns, Wharton Adapts

The Wall Street Journal sits down with the dean of Wharton Business School to discuss exciting changes in the curriculum that will give the program a more international focus.

2. Top 5 MBA Destinations in Europe

Where should you go in Europe to get your MBA? The Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) has just released the 2010 European Geographic Trend Report!

3. The Lowdown on the Online MBA

Renowned admissions consultant Stacy Blackman discusses the latest news regarding online MBA programs.

4. LBS and Wharton top Financial Times 2011 Global MBA Ranking

How does the Financial Times MBA Ranking differ from the rankings issued by the Wall Street Journal and Businessweek? ClearAdmit analyzes the results this year.

5. Knowledge@Wharton and Wipro Announce New Global Innovation Tournament

Wharton announces a new contest that will hopefully generate sustainability and customer-centric focused innovation.