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Student Spotlight – Curt Smith: Entrepreneur, Dad, and iPad Winner!

Posted in Student Resources on February 4, 2011 by

Though Knewton students get plenty of face-time with their teachers, it’s not often that we get to see our students’ faces… until now! In our new Student Spotlight feature on our blog, we’ll highlight just a few of our rock-star GMAT students. If you’re a current or former Knewton student and are interested in being featured in the spotlight, just leave a comment on this post!

For our first installment, who better to feature than the oh-so-lucky winner of Knewton’s iPad giveaway on Beat the GMAT?


Curt Smith


Colorado Springs, CO.

Current job?

Entrepreneur (I own a construction company, a website (, and dabble in other random things.

How’s it going?

It’s going well.

Why do you want to get an MBA?

To better run my companies, network, and further my knowledge in business.

What’s your dream job after b-school?

Entrepreneur/Knewton’s spokesperson and success story.

What do you think of Knewton so far?

I have loved the Knewton courses. I am in a different situation than most studying for the GMAT. I only recently decided to try to go back to school and want to get in for this next fall semester, which means that I only gave myself 2 weeks to study for the GMAT. Yikes!

I wanted to take a class but needed one that I could start immediately. Other test prep places I called only had 2+ month long classes, so I bought a “Cracking the GMAT” book from another company and read the thing cover to cover, only to find that it did not even increase my practice scores. I came across the Knewton courses on BTG and signed up. It was perfect for me. I could take as many classes as I wanted whenever I wanted. It is the perfect situation. Even if I didn’t get the score I wanted, I had access to all the classes for an entire year!

So I buckled down and studied 14+ hours a day for a week. I only made it through half of the lessons and homework and 3 practice tests, but when test day came this week, I was shocked to find that my score went up 90 points! I actually scored higher than I had on any practice exam! Even though I got the score I need for the schools I am applying for, I am almost tempted to do all the classes and see how high I can really score. I really think that almost anyone can score 700+ if they go through the entire Knewton program.

How about the On-Demand lessons?

I only took the On-Demand lessons, and they were great!

Any teacher shout-outs?

Since I only took the On-Demand lessons, I got to know David & Jen, and Rich & Jess very well.

Lightning Round: Favorite song right now?

Wheels on the bus (I have a 2-year-old, what can I say).

Data Sufficiency or Sentence Correction?

Data Sufficiency.

Bill Gates or Steve Jobs?

Both. I couldn’t do my job without Bill and I couldn’t play on my fancy new iPad without Steve.

Harry Potter or Twilight?

I think being a wizard would be far better than being a glittery vampire.