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MBA Roundup: JD/MBA Programs, Rising MBA Salaries, and Tyra Banks at HBS

Posted in Test Prep on February 14, 2011 by

Welcome to another installment of Knewton’s MBA roundup! This week, check out articles about JD/MBA programs, MBA salaries, careers in Venture Capital, and the evolving state of the MBA degree in today’s society.

1. Business and Law Go Hand-in-Hand

Torn between a J.D and an M.B.A? You can do both. Columbia Business School, the Kellogg School of Management, and University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business now offer 3-year JD/MBA programs with the law schools at their respective universities.

2. MBA Employment and Salaries Rise as Recession Fades

Deciding whether to leave your job for an MBA program? Trying to determine what kind of return-on-investment you can expect from a program? This article may help clarify things.

3. Tyra Banks: Harvard Business School’s Next Top Model?

According to the Boston Herald, Tyra Banks has decided to enhance her business savvy by attending Harvard Business School.

4. Harvard Business School Announces Changes to Its 2+2 Program

Have your eye on the 2+2 program at HBS? Click here to read Dee Leopold discuss recent changes in the admissions process.

5. If You’re an MBA Candidate Who Wants to Work in Venture Capital…

Planning to enter Venture Capital after your MBA degree? This article will help you plan your career.

6. How is Generation Y Changing the B-school Experience?

As we know, the MBA degree is continuously evolving to reflect the times. Here’s a look at how its changed in this generation.

7. The “Tussle for Talent” in Today’s Corporate World

Companies are becoming more obsessed with retaining top talent. Click here to read about “baptism fires,” “accelerator experiences,” “crucible roles” and other ways in which companies keep their vital few.