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Video: Don't Solve Data Sufficiency Problems!

Posted in Test Prep on March 9, 2011 by


In this video, Rich and Jess kick off a quant session all about Data Sufficiency. In this first portion of the lesson, they cover the “Don’t Solve” strategy for DS — which, as Jess points out, is one of the best math tips around! Remember: for DS problems, all you need to do is evaluate whether you would be able to arrive at the answer using the information provided in each statement; you don’t need to waste time actually finding the answer!

In order to illustrate the importance of this time-saving strategy, Rich and Jess walk you through two sample problems. Pause the video around 1:25 for the first question and 5:25 for the second to try the questions out for yourself first.

Stay tuned for future installments of this quant lesson, coming soon!