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MBA Round-up: Management Trends, Boston vs. Silicon Valley, B-School Rankings Analyzed

Posted in Test Prep on March 8, 2011 by

Welcome to another installment of Knewton’s MBA news roundup! This week, check out articles about management trends, women pursuing MBA degrees, B-school rankings, and Boston vs. Silicon Valley.

1. The 5 Most Prominent Management Trends of the 21st Century

What’s hot now in boardrooms and business schools? “Globalization,” “technology,” and “corporate responsibility.”

2. Women Gaining on Men in M.B.A Aspirations

There are more female MBA hopefuls than in the past. Still, this doesn’t exactly reflect enrollment numbers… yet.

3. Don’t Try to Learn From Failure?

Want to be an entrepreneur? “Try, fail, try again” may not be the best strategy.

4. Top 10 Executive MBA Programs

Here it is: the top executive MBA programs according to Poets & Quants. Wharton & Booth top the list.

5. Do Rankings Really Help You Choose an MBA Program?

This article dissects the rankings of Forbes, Businessweek, Financial Times, and The Economist and helps MBA hopefuls sort through the factors that go into a great MBA brand.

6. Start-up Culture: Boston vs. Silicon Valley

Where’s the “bubbling hot magma center of the technology scene right now”? Boston or Silicon Valley? (For a take on start-up culture in NYC vs. Silicon Valley, check out this article from our CEO.)

7. The Best Undergraduate Business Schools of 2011

Here’s the annual list of top undergraduate business schools from Businessweek. Notre Dame and UVA top the list.