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EdTech Blogs We Love

Posted in Ed Tech on March 14, 2011 by

The process of integrating technology into the classroom can be challenging; education, more than almost any other field, is notoriously slow to change. As a result, it’s easy to get caught up in what’s not happening with educational technology, rather than what is.

But there’s a lot of positive energy in the world of educational technology, too — much of which is coming from our fellow ed-tech bloggers (many of whom are also teachers!). Today we’re highlighting some ed-tech blogs that are helping to push the field forward.

Without further ado, some blogs we’re loving lately:

iLearn Technology

iLearn Technology is an awesome educational technology and support blog written by Kelly Tenkely, an elementary school teacher turned technology integration specialist.

As Kelly writes, “My goal is to help teachers fall in love with technology the way that their students have.  I believe that technology reaches students in a way that few other mediums can.”

Kelly writes about fun, easy ways teachers can integrate technology into their classrooms. If you’re a teacher looking to give your curriculum a little 21st century flair, the how-to’s on her site are definitely worth a look! Check out these posts for more:

Hack Education

Hack Education is a thought-provoking blog about the latest educational technology and the ways it is — and is not — serving students. Audrey Watters — a technology journalist, ed-tech advocate, and self-described “rabble rouser” — provides incisive and timely commentary on the latest ed-tech boons and busts.

As Audrey writes, “I chose this blog’s name because of the many meanings of “Hack Education,” the most obvious being to wield technology in the service of improving education — to pull systems apart, to recode, rebuild. But I’d also like to see students and teachers have more of a voice in shaping technology.”

Want to read more? Check out some of Audrey’s recent posts:

Free Technology for Teachers




Richard Byrne, a history teacher in Maine, provides lesson plans and other resources to help teachers use technology in the classroom. The best part? Yep, you guessed it: all of them are free.

If you’re a teacher looking for easy ways to add technology to your classroom, start by looking at the blog’s 15 Most Popular Posts, where you’ll find info on alternatives to YouTube, grammar games, and easy ways to publish slideshows and videos online.

Once you’ve made your way through those posts, check out other recent how-to’s like:


Are you a teacher or ed-tech advocate? Tell us about your favorite blogs in the comments!