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MBA News Round-Up: Ethics & MBA programs, the Reapplication Process, and the Sustainable MBA

Posted in Test Prep on March 14, 2011 by

Welcome to another installment of Knewton’s MBA news roundup! This week, check out articles about ethics & MBA programs, the reapplication process, and the “sustainable MBA.”

1. Teaching Morality at Business School

Can you teach morals to 30-year-olds? What purpose do ethics courses in MBA programs serve? This insightful article explores such questions and more.

2. Reapplying to B-School: A Primer

Dinged recently? Gearing up for another round? Top admissions officers and consultants weigh in on what you should be doing in the next months.

3. For MBA Applicants, Economy Doesn’t Matter

How is the current economic climate affecting MBA decisions? A survey from GMAC yields some interesting data.

4. What Makes MBA Programs Appealing?

The MBA is quite possibly both the most maligned and the most coveted degree out there. This analysis from the Business Standard reveals why.

5. Social Media More Relevant to Consumer Marketing

Professor Nirmalya Kumar of London Business School offers his valuable opinion on social media, globalization, and the hottest new trends in marketing. 

6. The Sustainable MBA

MBA programs are responding to student interest in social enterprise and non-profit management. Stacy Blackman, one of the world’s top admissions consultants, explores some of these curricula developments.