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EdTech Blogs We Love: The Tech Savvy Educator, Mr. EduHowTo, From the Sides-lines

Posted in Ed Tech on March 18, 2011 by

Last week, we featured three of our favorite EdTech blogs.

This week, check out three more blogs that make educational technology issues interesting and accessible:

The Tech Savvy Educator

Penned by elementary school teacher Ben Rimes, The Tech Savvy Educator is a thoughtful, wide-ranging ed-tech blog that focuses on issues large and small (posts range from videos about new ways to use a projector to in-depth discussions of the ways in which technology can reinforce poor learning.) Whether you’re looking for new ideas for the classroom or want to sink your teeth into a pedagogical discussion, the Tech Savvy Educator won’t disappoint.

Check out posts like:

Mr. EduHowTo

Mr. EdHowTo is a blog written by an educator “looking to discover new and innovative ways to incorporate technology in the classroom.” If you’re a teacher looking for educational games, student project resources, and more, Mr. EduHowTo’s posts provide helpful introductions to many of the resources out there.

Check out posts like:

From the Sides-lines

From the Sides-lines is a great blog written by Marti Sides, a Curriculum Technologist who (as the name suggests!) helps teachers incorporate technology into their curriculum.  On her blog, Marti discusses different ways to bring technology into the classroom, and offers insightful, sincere commentary on what it means to be a good teacher.

Check out posts like: