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EdTech News Roundup: State Authorization Update, Google Accessibility Concerns, and Children’s Consumption of Digital Media

Posted in Ed Tech on March 22, 2011 by

Welcome to another installment of Knewton’s EdTech News Roundup. This week, read articles about the state authorization rule for online colleges, Google Apps’ accessibility concerns, and digital media consumption among young children.

1. Department of Education Gives Some Clarification on New Rules

The Department of Education released a letter  clarifying state authorization, incentive compensation, and misrepresentation rules announced in October. Read more in this article from the International Business Times.

2. Google Apps Inaccessible to Blind Students, Group Argues

The National Federation for the Blind maintains that Google Apps “contains significant accessibility barriers for blind people utilizing screen access technology…” Read more in this article from PC Magazine.

3. Microsoft Steps Up Accessibility

As Google comes under attack, Microsoft is making efforts to increase its products’ accessibility. Read more in this post from THE Journal.

4. U. of Pennsylvania Students Build Course Management Software

Two Wharton students, fed up with U. Penn’s course management system, have taken matters into their own hands: they’ve built their own. Read more about their product, Coursekit, in this blog post from The Chronicle of Higher Ed.

5. Children’s Consumption of Digital Media on the Rise

Young children are consuming digital media at an increased rate, according to a study from nonprofit organizations Joan Ganz Cooney Center and Sesame Workshop. Read more in this article from Mashable.