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EdTech News Roundup: Facebook Essays, the Federal Learning Registry, and How Professors Use iPads

Posted in Ed Tech on March 29, 2011 by

In this week’s EdTech News Roundup, check out articles on the pros and cons of virtual education, Facebook essay writing, e-textbooks, the Federal Learning Registry, and yes, the iPad’s effect on education practices.
1. What Do Students Miss with a Virtual Education?

Check out ZDNet Education’s Chris Dawson’s take on this much-discussed question.

2. Princeton Professor Gains Cult Status with 3200 Essays on Facebook

In this Wired Campus post, check out how one Princeton English professor is reaching out to students.

3. More Details on Federal Learning Registry

Last July, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced an initiative to create a Federal Learning Registry as a way of better organizing digital educational resources. Check out this post from Education Week’s Digital Directions blog for more details on how the registry would work.

4. The iPad for Professors: Evaluating a Productivity Tool After One Year

Now that the second version of the iPad has been released, check out this article from The Chronicle of Higher Education featuring professors’ thoughts on using the iPad in conjunction with teaching.

5. As California Districts Slash Textbook Spending, Some Consider E-Books

As budgets tighten, some districts consider a possible move to e-textbooks in the near future.