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Meet the Video Team: Ian Parker, Multimedia Man

Posted in Knerds on May 12, 2011 by

In this post, meet Ian Parker, a member of the video and product team.


Ian Parker


Multimedia Man

What were you up to before you came to Knewton?

Freelance video production, producing British web TV, editing at a film company, teaching high school math

What part of your job do you enjoy most, or what’s the one accomplishment you’re most proud of?

I’m really happy with the way the Hack Day documentary turned out. I’m also proud of the video production pipeline behind our screencast + green screen videos.

What are you working on now?

Making preparations so our video platform can handle tons of content from 3rd party publishers.

Any hobbies, secret quirks, or talents?

I’m a big advocate for media literacy and DIY culture. Those interests led to me starting a fun side project called the Goddamn Cobras Collaborative with some friends. We think DIY is great, but DIO (Do It Ourselves) as a community is even better! We make videos, theater, food and throw events as a means of connecting techies, foodies, urban farmers, and other crafty people doing important things in the city.

What’s your favorite place or neighborhood in NYC?

Greenpoint in North Brooklyn. I’ve been there for almost 3 years now, and to me it has always felt like the whole neighborhood is one big hidden startup incubator (I like startups). It’s close enough to Manhattan’s energy but insular enough to keep me sane. But mainly it’s because of Peter Pan’s donuts.