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Meet the Marketing Team: Andrew Tayo, Partnership Account Manager

Posted in Knerds on May 5, 2011 by

This week in Knewton Peeps, meet Andrew Tayo, part of the Marketing and Business Development team.


Andrew Tayo


Partnership Account Manager

What were you up to before you came to Knewton?

I used to work for another, though perhaps more accurate former, NYC startup called the I did account management there for our F1000 clients, helping boost engagement and keep the relationships warm for renewal. I also worked on ecosystem security processes and automated feed management.

What’s your background/what was your path to Knewton?

Me finding my way to Knewton was one of those happy accidents of the universe. I applied on a whim, from a public job posting no less, mostly because I found the site’s copy quirky and entertaining and Jose’s bio compelling. However, once I was in the room, Chris and Effie blew me away with the grander vision: creating a scalable and open platform, built on adaptive learning technology and data mining, to power educators throughout the world. I was sold on the spot.

What part of the job do you enjoy most, or what’s the one accomplishment you’re most proud of?

I enjoy the degree of autonomy I have with which to pursue projects and opportunities to find partners that help enhance the Knewton brand and spread our products to new customers. I also spend a lot of time optimizing our customer service ops. Our efforts there resulted in us providing a much higher level of service with a bigger student base.

What are you working on now?

Working on corporate outreach projects, a mobile partnership, web-based lead gen, and furthering our reach to likely customer segments.

Any hobbies, secret quirks, or talents?

I have an uncanny ability to recognize faces and voices. I never forget a face, but never remember a name. Go figure.

What’s your favorite place or neighborhood in NYC?

I like running up to Carl Schurz Park on the UES. I’m from here, so I have a soft spot for all things NYC.