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MBA News Roundup: MBAs in Education, Asian MBA Programs, and 5 Reasons to Start a Company in Business School

Posted in Test Prep on April 11, 2011 by

Welcome to another installment of Knewton’s MBA News Round-up! This week, check out articles on b-school grads in education, women in business, Asian MBA programs, and 5 reasons you should start up a company while still in school.

1. Bschool Grads Snap Up Education Jobs

TFA and Education Pioneers are attracting more MBAs than ever before, a sign that the latest generation of MBAs has caught the education bug.

3. Where Are All the Women in Business?

The managing director of Wolfensohn & Co expounds on the challenges, both real and perceived, for women in the business world.

4. A Passport to the Top of the Business World

To MBA or not? An article on the hotly debated subject of MBA programs and their value.

5. Asian MBA Programs on the Rise

MBA programs in the Far East offer flexibility, world-class education, and excellent value. This article from Stacy Blackman explores some of the options.

6. 5 Reasons You Should Start Up a Company at Business School

Time and resources are just two of the reasons that starting a company in school is a good idea.