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Flipping the Classroom

Posted in Knerds on April 21, 2011 by

With the advent of new technology and instructional videos like those of Khan Academy, a new educational strategy known as “flip teaching” is taking hold.

In “flipped classrooms,” the normal sequence of events is reversed: rather than listening to a lecture in class and then going home to do homework, students watch pre-recorded lessons at home, then go to class to apply their newfound knowledge to practice problems and clear up any points of confusion with the teacher. The classroom teacher’s role transforms from a so-called “sage on the stage” (i.e. lecturer) to a “guide on the side” — a no less important role that allows for a greater degree of personalization and support.

The idea is to transform the classroom from a place of passive absorption to one of engagement, active learning, and personal attention, where students are able to master and apply the concepts they learned about at home.

Aaron Sams and Jon Bergmann, pioneers of the “flipped classroom” movement, are both chemistry teachers at Woodland Park High School in Woodland Park, Colorado.  Check out these videos to see how the method has worked for them — and more importantly, their students.