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EdTech News Roundup: Virtual Snow Days, a Possible Cut for EETT Funding, and the 6 Technologies That Will Change Education

Posted in Ed Tech on May 21, 2011 by

In this week’s roundup, check out articles about virtual snow days, what technologies are most likely to change education in the next 5 years, and how we can improve higher education.

1. Could the Internet Spell the End of Snow Days?

With new possibilities provided by online learning, schools are toying with “virtual snow days” to keep students learning during harsh weather. This way, say proponents of the idea, students won’t fall behind and districts will save money on transportation and electricity fees. Opponents, however, cite uneven Internet access and the loss of an old-fashioned day of leisure as potential downfalls. Read more about the debate in this Associated Press article.

2. 6 Technologies that Will Change Education

The New Media Consortium’s 2011 K-12 version of their annual Horizon Report identifies 6 technologies that will profoundly impact technology and learning over the next 5 years, some of them near-term and others further down the road. Their predictions include mobile devices, game-based learning, and personal learning environments. Read more about their predictions in this article from THE Journal.

3. U.S. Chamber Report Highlights Private Innovations

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for a Competitive Workforce released a report this week on the need to embrace innovative educational technology in the U.S. effort to improve higher education. Knewton was among a group of private-sector “edupreneurs” included in the report. Read more in this article from the Financial, and be sure to check out our blog post about our inclusion in the report here.)

4. Free Websites Use Social Networking Tools to Share Content

As teachers become increasingly interested in incorporating social media into classroom lessons, new websites are springing up to meet teachers’ needs. Read more about the free tools offered by various websites in this article from eSchoolNews.

5. House Bill’s ‘New Priorities’ Don’t Include Ed Tech

State education technology grants are among the targets of the Setting New Priorities in Education Spending Act (H.R. 1891), which seeks to eliminate “wasteful” national education programs. Enhancing Education Through Technology, or EETT — the only program providing federal edtech funding — would be among the eliminated programs. Read more in this article from THE Journal.