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Middle Schoolers Demand Educational Change: "We Live in the Problem"

Posted in Knerds on May 24, 2011 by

A class of gifted and talented middle-school students is speaking out against outdated educational practices with the help of — what else? — a Youtube video. The North Texas public school students conceived their blog and video as a way to draw attention to the need for educational reform. Watch the video above, then read their manifesto:

“As the world moves forward in technology, there are very few places to be found that don’t utilize the plethora of available tools. Chief among those blasts to the past is the classroom. Desks in rows and lectures on a chalkboard have been happening since our grandparents were in school and it’s time for change. As mentioned on our home page, we’re only middle schoolers in north Texas. Above average and mentally gifted middle schoolers, but still 4 years from the “real world” and the ability to be treated like our voice is worth listening to. We live in the problem – the best ideas for change are going to come from us. We don’t blame the teachers or the schools themselves for this outdated method – we blame the system. As a group of students stuck in public school long due for an upgrade, we demand change.”

According to the students, “Technology equals involvement. Involvement equals a more efficient classroom.”  This motivated class has, it seems, proved themselves right. Their teacher, J. Fletcher, notes in a blog post: “I’ve seen kids show more dedication in the past three months than I’ve seen in ten years of education.”

Fletcher goes on to write, “These students really are right. Educational needs aren’t the same as… twenty years ago. The modern educator is a facilitator, an organizer, and a guide… A good teacher learns. These kids have taught me.”

(Thanks to this post on Mindshift for the heads up about this video!)