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MBA News Roundup: B-School Gender Mix Changing, CEOs Turned Professors, and Reflections of an MBA Mom

Posted in Test Prep on May 30, 2011 by

Welcome to another installment of Knewton’s MBA News Round-up! This week, check out articles on the new CEO teaching trend, the changing gender mix at top b-schools, and balancing family life with an MBA program.

1. B-School Gender Mix Changing, Slowly
Do you want to stand out or immerse yourself into another culture?
Campaigns to attract more women to business schools have paid off. Schools like Wharton have had consistently high female enrollment numbers for the past few years. Read more in this Businessweek article.

2. Five Common Mistakes Business Leaders Make About Innovation

LBS Professor, Freek Vermeulen, discusses five myths about innovation. This Wall Street Journal article is a must-read for anyone interested in corporate strategy.

3. Peter Wegner at Stanford: The art of innovation

Famed artist Peter Wegner produces wall-sized pieces for the Knight Center that embody “paradox and enigma” and encourage innovative thinking. Learn more about Wegner’s vision in this article from the Los Angeles Times.

4. Reflections of an MBA Mom With Two Kids

Starting an MBA program with a partner and/or children?  Poets & Quants has a thoughtful essay from a Darden student about the day-to-day realities of balancing family obligations with a high-octane career.

5. CEOs Teach in M.B.A Classrooms

As “executives in residence” and adjunct faculty, a growing number of CEOs are teaching the newest generation of MBA students. Read more in this article from U.S. News.

6. The Relevant MBA

How has the MBA reinvented itself over the past years? See what the dean of the Cornell Johnson School of Management has to say on the issue, in this column from the Huffington Post.