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October 2010 SAT Results

Posted in Test Prep on October 14, 2010 by

It’s that time of year: when a young student’s fancy turns to thoughts of…standardized testing. Yes, the SAT is back! Many Knewton students woke up bright and early on October 9 to brave the test. After it was over, they filled us in on the test day experience.

A full 72.7% of students surveyed said that the test went “better than expected.” The rest of the students felt they had done “as expected.” No one thought s/he had done worse than expected. See — we told you the SAT doesn’t bite! Reading offered some hurdles this time around, winning for most difficult section, with 45.5% of the vote. Math and Writing tied with 27.3% apiece. The majority of students (72.7%) felt best prepared for Math. The rest (27.3%) said they were most prepared for Writing. Let’s take a look at the breakdown in more detail:

• Math posed the most timing issues, but over half (54.6%) said they were able to answer every question. Reading and Writing were slightly less rushed, with 63.7% able to tackle everything on Reading, and 72.7% getting to every question on the Writing.

• 45.5% said they had done “better than expected” on the Math. 36.4% reported doing “as expected.” Only 18.2% felt they had done “worse than expected.”
• Strategy definitely helped for math, with 81.8% saying they approached the problems with a combination of strategy and general math concepts. 54.5% said the strategies helped them “a lot!”

• As with Math, 45.5% reported doing “better than expected.” An equal 45.5% said they performed “as expected.”
• Strategy definitely helped for this “toughest” section — 91% of students used and loved such Knewton techniques as “zoning” passages.

• 63.6% of students said they had performed “better than expected,” while 27.3% reported doing “as expected.”
• The Essay proved to be the Writing section’s biggest challenge — 45% of students voted it “most difficult.” Improving Sentences came in second with 27.3% of the vote. Identifying Sentence Errors was third (18.2%) and Improving Paragraphs came in a distant fourth (9.1%).
• 100% of students surveyed were glad to have Knewton’s Writing section strategies in their SAT tool kit.

• While Reading was the trickiest section overall and Math offered the most timing issues, the majority of Knewton students left the test feeling that it went pretty darn well. And Knewton strategies were definitely put to good use!
• When asked: “How well did Knewton prepare you for the SAT?” 100% of students said that Knewton really helped them come test day (and 36.4% actually said they couldn’t imagine being more prepared).
• 100% said they’d recommend Knewton to a friend. Aww shucks!

You survived the SAT – congratulations! And please keep in touch 🙂