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Must-Follow EdTech Tumblrs: The New Classroom, Creative Education, and Revolutionize Education

Posted in Knerds on July 7, 2011 by

In this post, check out three must-follow edtech tumblrs!

1. The New Classroom

Brian Paris’ tumblog is “dedicated to searching for the best practices in this new learning environment” — a learning environment shaped by new technologies in and out of the classroom.

2. Creative Education

Creative Education is curated by Jim Askew, a teacher who has been working in the Oklahoma City Schools for 30 years (15 of them in public schools with 1:1 student laptops). Check out Creative Education for thought-provoking posts about teaching philosophies, best practices for classroom technology integration, and more.

3. Revolutionize Education

Dedicated to teachers “that are always seeking new ways to improve their teaching,” Revolutionize Education catalogs tons of helpful links for educators looking for new ways to engage their students.