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MBA News Roundup: Most and Least Expensive Public B-Schools, Admissions Essays, and Pre-MBA Internships

Posted in Test Prep on July 11, 2011 by

Welcome to another installment of Knewton’s MBA News Round-up! This week, check out articles on the most and least expensive public business schools, female enrollment at Chicago b-schools, thoughts on the admissions essay, and pre-MBA internships.

1. Dean of Columbia Business School on Disclosure and Ethics

R. Glenn Hubbard of CBS wants students to “connect the dots” and understand the big picture in business. That way, “slow-moving train-wrecks” can be stopped… and “slow-moving opportunities” can be recognized. Read more in this article from The Wall Street Journal.

2. 10 Most Expensive Public Business Schools for In-State Students

Recently, we reported on changes to the California education budget that are affecting tuition costs at famed schools like Haas. Find out what other public schools cost more than meets the eye in this Huffington Post article.

3. 10 Least Expensive Public Business Schools

On the flip side, what public b-schools put the smallest dent in your bank account? Check out this U.S. News list for more.

4. Female Enrollment Flat at Chicago Business Schools

Recently we reported that female enrollment is up at Harvard and Wharton. What about their midwest counterparts? TheGrindstone has the details.

5. Scrap the B-School Admissions Essay?

Whether you view it as onerous or an opportunity, the b-school essay has always been a much-debated and fussed-over aspect of the admissions process. Check out one expert’s views on the matter in this Businessweek blog post. Since the essay is probably here to stay, read our article on essay tips to jump-start your brainstorming.

6. B-School Scholarship: $37,000 for One Tweet?

While most scholarships require a few essays and up to a few years of forward-thinking and self-reflection, Iowa Tippie’s 140-character scholarship is a real steal as far as time and effort are concerned. Read more in this article from Business Insider.

7. The Pre-MBA Internship?

Planning to travel or party your summer before b-school? Check out what some of your future classmates are up to instead in this Businessweek article.