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MBA Roundup: Free B-School Courses, Kenan-Flagler Online, and How to Prepare for Bschool Life

Posted in Test Prep on July 18, 2011 by

Welcome to another installment of Knewton’s MBA News Roundup! This week, check out articles on free courses from top b-schools, Kenan-Flagler’s new online program, and how to prepare for your new life in b-school.

1. Free Courses from Top B-schools

From podcasts to opencourseware, get a taste of Booth, Wharton or Kellogg for free and from the comfort of your home! A must-read for serious applicants.

2. Kenan-Flagler Takes Its Brand Online

This is a first in the MBA world: a world-class business school decides to go online and confront all the branding risks involved. Check out this article for all the facts and read our take on it here.

3. 6 Popular Business Books Adapted as Graphic Novels

Are you a big fan of business books? Check out this clever, artistic re-envisioning of some of the most popular business bibles of all time.

4. Do Techies Need an MBA?

What business opportunities await the serious programmer? Whether your aim is to enhance your “customer dating” or “strategic management” ability, rounding out technical skills with a knowledge of business fundamentals can add tremendous momentum to your career.

5. The MBA Advantage: Companies Run by MBAs are Better Managed

In this age, where instant wins and wunderkind successes get all the spotlight, the MBA degree and the sound business judgment, experience, and training it reflects continues to be essential in many companies. Find out why here.

6. Ready, Set, B-school: How to Prepare For Your New Life

With the hoopla that surrounds the process of getting in, one would think it’s professional happily-ever-after after gaining admittance. However, there are some practical matters that need to be addressed before the acceptance party can begin. Businessweek‘s new series will give you concrete tips on how to smoothly navigate the lifestyle change.

7. SBC Scoop: A Nonprofit Success Story

Are you a non-traditional applicant looking to apply to b-school? Have a dearth of good role models who started off in a creative profession and got into a top program? Check out this success story as well as my list of tips for non-traditional applicants.