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MBA News Roundup: Innovative Companies, Brain Drain to Social Enterprise, and the MBA Social Network

Posted in Test Prep on July 25, 2011 by

Welcome to another installment of Knewton’s MBA News Roundup! This week, check out articles on social enterprise, surviving b-school with a significant other, the Beat-the-GMAT community, and the most innovative companies out there (today and tomorrow).

1. Brain Drain of MBA Students to Social Enterprise

Rick Cohen of the Nonprofit Quarterly identifies social enterprise as the trendy new career to “seize the imagination of the global elite.” If social enterprise is making its way into your MBA aspirations this fall, be sure to read this article to understand the potential pitfalls of your goals.

2. How Couples Make It Through Business School

You may have heard the horror stories: ambitious woman enters b-school only to realize her significant other doesn’t measure up to the alpha males present; wife decides to get an MBA of her own while waiting for her husband to finish his; divorce ensues. Planning to enter b-school with a significant other? Tips on how to “manage your expectations” will help you stay committed and enrich your relationship in the process of pursuing your dreams.

3. The Most Innovative Companies Today & Tomorrow

If you have your sights set on working for an ultra-innovative company or a disruptive startup post MBA, this article will help you code some creativity into the “DNA” of your work style.

4. Beat the GMAT Launches MBA Watch, a Social Network for MBAs

The go-to-place for all things GMAT and MBA launches MBA Watch, a social network which plans to pull together all the information about b-schools and applicants into one central location. Users can follow individual programs for new information and put in their own stats to see who they’re competing against.

5. MBA Mondays: Financing Options

If you’re interested in entrepreneurship and you don’t know what “preferred stock” means, make your way over to “MBA Mondays” for a whole host of mini lessons in every subject from finance to marketing.

6. This Email Got One Stanford Student A Huge Job

Strapped for a job? Sick of banging on the same castle gates? Try this simple, straightforward tactic. Possibly the best career advice you’ll ever get.