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Future MBAs Eager for Tech Jobs

Posted in Test Prep on July 20, 2011 by

Google HQTech jobs are hot again.

The bubble may have burst years ago, but b-school students aren’t holding that against today’s hottest tech companies. A new survey of 6,297 MBA students from 72 top b-schools found that Google was the #1 most attractive employer among students. Apple (#3), Facebook (#7), and Amazon (#8) also made the top 10 — which was rounded out by more traditional names like McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, the Boston Consulting Group, and J.P. Morgan.

To be fair, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple are all very well-established companies, meaning that MBAs won’t be risking too much more by joining their ranks. Karl-Johan Hasselström, the regional manager for Universum, the company behind the survey, told CNN Money that MBAs are looking for challenging work environments that are far removed from the aftermath of the financial crisis. Read more in this report from CNN Money.

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