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EdTech News Roundup: High Stakes Online Testing, Apps to Treat Autism, and Khan Academy’s Future

Posted in Ed Tech on July 22, 2011 by

ExamIn this week’s EdTech News Roundup, read about the future of standardized testing, News Corp.’s future in edtech, and how Khan Academy is changing education.

1. High Stakes Online Testing: Coming Soon

As dissatisfaction with “fill in the bubble” standardized tests grows among parents and teachers, the federal government is allocating funds to develop new testing solutions using technology. Read more in this article from T.H.E. Journal.

2. S. Korea Leads Way for Paperless Classroom

As South Korea prepares to transition completely to digital textbooks by 2015, educational leaders in the U.S. are evaluating our own plans for digital education. Read more in this article from The Washington Times.

3. News Corp. Scandal Clouds Murdoch’s Move into Education

News Corp. recently acquired Wireless Generation and had been planning to expand its education holdings further; now, after the phone-hacking scandal at News of the World, these plans might be affected. Read more in this article from Education Week.

4. High Speed Internet Service to Be ‘Leveling Agent’ for West Virginia Colleges

High-speed internet will soon be available at colleges and K-12 schools across West Virginia, thanks to another local campus agreeing to share its Internet2 connection. Read more in this article from eCampusNews.

5. Using Touch Screens and Apps to Treat Autism

New apps specially designed for children with autism have, parents and educators say, “led to near-miraculous breakthroughs for children with a variety of disabilities.” Read more in this article from Education Week.

6. How Khan Academy is Changing the Rules of Education

Wired Magazine has written an in-depth article about the philosophies behind Khan Academy, a popular educational site run by Salman Khan. The site has some 2,400 videos (all recorded by Kahn) on subjects like math and science. Be sure to check the article out, as well as Audrey Watter’s “The Wrath Against Khan: Why Some Educators Are Questioning Khan Academy” on her blog, Hack Education.

7. iPad Training 101

A private school in  Michigan is taking a proactive approach to help familiarize its teachers with new technology. Read more in this article from T.H.E. Journal.

8. K-12 To See Double-Digit Growth in E-Learning Through 2015

K-12 e-learning is expected to grow in the double digits at least through 2015, according to a new study from Ambient Insight. Read more about the details in this article from T.H.E. Journal.

9. NYU Professor Vows Never to Probe Cheating — and Faces a Backlash

A NYU professor wrote a controversial blog post about why he’ll never use Turnitin, an anti-plagiarism software program, again. Read more in this article from The Chronicle of Education’s “Wired Campus” blog.