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MBA News Roundup: Global Executive MBAs, Ready-Set-B-School, and Low Scores at Top Schools

Posted in Test Prep on August 8, 2011 by

Welcome to another installment of Knewton’s MBA News Roundup! This week, check out articles on global executive MBAs, how to hit the ground running in b-school, the reapplication process, and low scores at the top programs.

1. Going Global: A New Breed of Executive MBA

An improving global jobs market is boosting the application numbers at executive programs with an emphasis on international expansion and global business practice. Read more in this Forbes article.

2. Ready, Set, B-School: Hit the Ground Running

How can you maximize your first semester at b-school? Set personal goals and priorities and don’t get sidetracked by peer pressure. Check out this helpful Businessweek series to get the full list of tips.

3. Is An M.B.A Worth it?

According to a recent Forbes study, grads of top b-schools get their investment back within 4 years. For an employment report and a list of top “wish” employers, read the complete article.

4. How Low is Too Low for Top B-School?

What scores fall in the lowest 10% of the scores of admitted students at schools like Wharton, Stanford, and Kellogg? Get an inside look with this well-researched Businessweek article that includes a helpful chat with the Booth deputy dean on the importance of your verbal score.

5. Evolution of the Executive MBA

The first executive MBA program was launched by Chicago Booth in 1943. Since then, executive MBA programs have become more popular, more globally-minded, and more expensive (with the reduction of employer tuition assistance).

6. How to Reapply to Business School

Feeling bruised by your last business school attempt? Read on to regain your confidence and get re-energized for Round 1 this fall.